Experience as a  present

Zorbing – a big rolling ball

zorb ball ride

Would you like to experience an adrenaline atraction? Try a drive  in a special air ball which will turn a surrounding world. An uneasy forgottable unique experience waits on you. It is hard to be told by words, simply it must be experience!


Drive in an air ball for a perfect experience!
miesto Liptov - Slovakia
4-12 people
1 day and more
spring to autumn

What will you get:

  • special direction
  • ride
  • transport


Price chart according to number of persons and days (price for a person and a day)
A course is given for 4 persons up. A price for a person is the same as a price for 4 persons. The prices that aren`t mentioned are given by agreement.

person \ days 1-2 3-5 6+
1-2 35€    
3-4 30€    

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