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Little – big country is a small in a area but a big in the possibilities. Slovakia is situated in a heart of Europe, a geographical centre of Europe is situated here.it gives the rich touristic possibilities. Its north part is mountainous mainly and it is endued with the natural beauties, its south parts are usually lowlands. The interesting places for visiting are not only the mountains, valleys, caves and narrows but also many cultural sights. You can visit the majestic castles with the athmosphere of fairy-tale. The ruins are also very interesting places. They are the memories of a famous past. Slovakia have a plenty of thermal springs that`s why there are many spa towns or modern aquaparks with wellness centres. These places are ideal for sporting or active movement in nature besides a passive relax. The visitation of Slovakia will brings the rich experience thanks to its heterogenoity.

We offer you the experience of untraditional moments in a beautiful nature through the short-lasted activities, courses or more complex long-lasted outdoor programmes. If you are interested in we could assure a accommodation for you as well.

Fims about Slovakia: