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About us (and our outdoor programmes)

We are a young organisation specialized in offering the activities and complex compact programmes relating to spending the free-time in mountains, in nature and indoor as well. Our outdoor activities serve to entertainment, education, effective spending of free-time. For comanies we are specialized in increasing the productuctivity of work through the team building and team cooperation. We are also concentrated on improving the communicative abilities, getting over the different barriers and the motivation of workers or spirit programmes as well. The education is provided mainly by experiential activities and untraditional activities or by games. Young organisation doesn` t mean that we have any experience, contrariwise. Our special education and long-yeared practice gave us an impulse to establish a firm with the aim to offer our experiences, unusually ideas, for interesting activities and programmes for wide spectrum of customs.

Our aim is a constantly proffesional increasing in offering the quality and singularity and by this way to offer the unusually and original experiences, but also an education or training. Our creativity, rich experiences, special practice and a taste to prepare something original is a guarantee of the most beautiful and unique activities and programmes.