Touristic possibilities in Liptov and its surroundings

Region Liptov is situated in the north of Slovakia, and it can be said it is situated in the heart of Slovakia. It is really rich on the natural beauties and on the touristic possibilities. It is surrounded by the highest slovak mountain: High Tatras, West Tatra, Choc mountains, Low Tatras and Big Fatra. Many national parks interfere in its area. It belongs to the most touristically visitable regions in Slovakia. The richness of this region is not only in the nature, variability of natural beauties, cultural inheritance but also in the beauty hidden underground in caves. Liptov offers many mineral and thermal springs. You can visit the traditional spa but also the modern aqua parks here. There is also a water dam called Liptovska Mara suitable for the water sports. The Liptov region is rich on the individual folk architecture and folklore.

The natural conditions of Liptov offer the wide possibilities for spending of free-time for the tourists. You can make touristics, climbing, skiing, cycling, horse-riding and many other interesting activities in nature. We will gladly give you our service and we will gladly prepare the various trips, activities and programmes or the adrenaline atractions for your free-time as well.

We advise you the touristically interesting places except our atractions, activities and programmes:

Types for touristics


Liptov: Hrad Likava, Liptovský hrad - Starhrad, Liptovský Hrádok Orava: Oravský hrad
Turiec: Zniev, Blatnica, Sklabiňa
Trenčín: Strečno, Súľov, Lietava
Bojnický zámok

Folk architecture, natural museums:

Liptov: Vlkolínec, Pribilina
Orava: Zuberec-Brestová, Podšíp,
Turiec: Martin

Interesting touristic places in Liptov:

- thermal swimming pool in Besenova
- caves in Liptov
- Liptovská Mara
- celt musuem in nature called Havranok
- natural museum Vlkolinec [UNESCO] and museum of Liptov village
- Castle of Likava , Starhrad castle


- Prosiecka valley, Kvačianska valley
- ridge of Roháče, Veľká Fatra, Malá Fatra, Vysoké Tatry
- Choc mountains – original water mills Oblazy
- woody articular church in Svaty Kriz
- spa in Lucky (waterfall)
- Liptov villages - Kvačany, Veľké Borové, Žiar, Vlkolínec

Interesting touristic places in Orava:

- thermal swimming pool Oravice
- Orava castle
- Zuberec
– Brestová

Types of interesting tops:

Chočské vrchy:

- Veľký Choč 1608 m.n.m. [the third most beautiful top in SR]
- Čebrať 968 m.n.m.
- Mních 695 m.n.m. [archeological finding places]

Malá Fatra:

- Šíp 1170 m.n.m
- Veľký Rozsutec 1609 m.n.m.
- Veľký Kriváň 1709 m.n.m.

Veľká Fatra:

- Veľká Skala 912 m.n.m
- Sidorovo 1099 m.n.m.
- Šiprúň 1463 m.n.m.
- Rakytov 1567 m.n.m.
- Krížna 1574 m.n.m.

Nízke Tatry :

- Ostrô 1607 m.n.m. [Battles during World War II]
- Salatín 1630 m.n.m.
- Karkova hoľa 1752 m.n.m.
- Ohnište 1538 m.n.m.
- Chopok 2024 m.n.m.
- Veľká Chochuľa 1753 m.n.m.
- Chabenec 1955 m.n.m.

Západné Tatry :

- Baranec 2184 m.n.m. [Battles during World War II]
- Baníkov 2178 m.n.m.
- Ostrý Roháč 2088m.n.m.
- Bystrá 2248 m.n.m.
- Sivý Vrch 1805 m.n.m.

Vysoké Tatry :

- Kriváň 2494 m.n.m.