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Questions and answers

1. What activities do you offer?

For tourists we offer free-time activities mainly. These activities are usually provided in nature. You can take part in classical activities and unusually programmes as well. By this you can survive unforgettable moments, exciting experiences and also an adrenaline. By our educational experiental programmes you acquirenot only a good experience but also the practical experiences and new knowledge that enrich you by new cognitions.

2. Is it possible to buy the present woucher for any activity?

The checques are prepared for certain activities. If  you would like we can create the checque according to your ideas.

Questions and answers to the present woucher!

3. What is the difference between activities and programme?

The activities are usually short-lasted (they last for several hours), thez can be practically realized from hour to hour. The programmes are compact activities lasting more than one day. Within the programme you can choose different activities offered in the programme.

4. What will happen with the activity when the weather is severe?

There doesn`t exist a severe weather for some activities. Of course, in severe weather is dangerous to realize the cableway activities for example. But in touristic and orientational activities the rain or snow can offer you many unusual experiences. In case when the programme or activity is impossible to be realized you this can be realized in substituted term.

5. What equipment or aid are necessary for absolving the activities or programmes?

You needn`t to be stressed about the equipment or different aid. We lend you the necessary equipment for absolving the activities. The sport clothes will be enough.

6. What are the terms of outdoor activities and courses?

Experiental educational activities and courses haven`t the strictly defined terms. They are the activities and courses that would have to offer the interesting, creative and instructive filling of time spending on holidays in Liptov and other localities. In the case of courses they aren`t the classical educational courses, but they are the programmes to be the experience, relaxation but also the enrichment of new practical experiences for a client. If you have an interest to absolve the offering course, don`t hesitate, contact us and we will compound the best term.

7. How many persons can absolve the outdoor activities and courses?

Activities concentrated on tourists are given to families or groups of thirty persons at best. The ideal number of persons depends on concrete activity. We are able to organize the simplier activities for smaller groups and families whenever, if we have a free term of course.

8. How to get to a place of activity performance?

You need`t to stress about transport. We will come to transport you comfortably to a place of activity and we will get you back, of course. By this way you are able to relish your free day without stress.

9. Is it possible to proceed the activities and programmes out of your choosen area?

Many activities and programmes are choosen and dependent on the suitable place. So, it is practical to choose our locality. In some activities or programmes, we are able to adapt the client and choose another locality. Please, inform us about the locality aptness.