Experience as a  present

Experiental education

Are you searching an interesting activity for your free-time but it cannot be adrenaline and it doesn`t claim a big pfysical condition? You would like to have a beautiful memories of it? So, we offer you the experiental courses. Their task is to offer you a relax by untraditional form. The experience from a beauty of an elusive moment you will try to catch and preserve are waiting for you. Apart of relax you are learning something new nonviolently, you are getting new advices and types. You will entertain yourself and you will experience an education in practice as well. You will experience your free-time in a good mood without a stress and pressure. To make you an expert  in a certain sphere is not our task. We would like to offer you an opportunity of funny form of practical education for your future. We prepare for you the experiental courses of photographing, video creating, drawing and painting.